#40Questions is a campaign to shed light on the lack of awareness and resources for perimenopause. It’s also an initiative to encourage women to speak up and ask essential questions about their health and wellness.

Press Preview

Most women feel uncomfortable discussing menopause due to societal taboos and stigmas. Without support, finding the right answers, information, and care can be an incredibly inefficient and frustrating process. But it’s 2020, and we think it’s time for things to change. We’re launching a new campaign called #40Questions to encourage women to speak up, ask questions, and demand better support for their health during menopause. By highlighting 40 questions that real women have asked at some point in their menopause journey, we hope you feel less alone and more empowered to ask your own questions. 

About Us

We built Caria with a simple mission: make healthcare accessible and inclusive of women at every life stage. Innovations in healthcare have made great strides on issues that affect women earlier in our lives, but women’s health doesn’t end with our fertility. Caria was built to fill this gap and help 1 billion women in menopause around the world get better access to information and care.

Inspiration behind #40Questions

When the COVID-19 crisis began, the need for better care and community was stronger than ever. Over half of Caria’s user base indicated the lockdown and its stresses had worsened their menopausal symptoms, such as anxiety. To help our members find better support and connect with others on a similar journey, we launched Caria Community in May. The response was overwhelming. Women on Caria opened up to share their stories, advice, questions, tips, frustrations, and support with more energy and compassion than even we had anticipated. 

Watching our community come together was the most powerful thing we’ve experienced as a team. But we also discovered something disheartening. We heard over and over again how women’s questions and concerns about perimenopause were misunderstood or dismissed by doctors, spouses & partners, colleagues, even friends. Oftentimes, people are well-meaning and want to be reassuring, but are not aware about menopause and don’t understand what women are going through. This leaves women feeling confused and alone in their journey. In our research, we found over 60% of women feel uninformed and isolated during perimenopause. 

We created #40Questions to highlight the challenges women go through, all of which are normal and natural, but can be extremely distressing without the right information and support. After watching #40Questions, we want women to feel reassured that they’re not alone and there is help for what they’re going through. 

How Caria Helps

The Caria Community is a safe space to connect with other women to ask questions, find advice, and get expert support. Whether it’s to understand what’s going on, learn what strategies have worked for others, or simply feel reassured by hearing others’ stories – Caria is there for you whenever you need it. Caria also provides tools to help you take control of your health – including evidence-based programs, the most advanced symptom tracker built for menopause, and personalized analytics to help you understand your symptoms and what treatments work for you. Get started for free on the App Store.

Start Asking

What questions do you have about your health & wellness during perimenopause? Ask your questions by writing to us on questions@hellocaria.com for a chance to be featured on Caria. 

Call to action for innovators, providers, and organizations

Nearly 50 million women in the US are entering menopause – in fact, women in menopause are the fastest growing segment of the workforce. 85% of these women experience distressing symptoms, and 70% say it impacts their daily life. The lack of resources and care for women’s post-reproductive health is a systemic problem that requires more action from healthcare organizations, providers, researchers, employers, and innovators. We want to work with key players to make healthcare more inclusive of women at this life stage. If you’re interested in working together, please reach out to us on partnerships@hellocaria.com

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