Community Guidelines

We want to ensure that Caria is a space safe for members to engage in meaningful conversations around midlife health and wellness. By participating in the Caria Community, you agree to respect these guidelines. They are a reflection of our intention to create a safe, supportive, accessible, and uplifting space. 

Please know that if your post or comment was reported in breach of the following rules, this may lead to the permanent deactivation of your account.

If you see any off-limits content, please report it by writing to us on [email protected].  Ensuring the integrity of our community feature is the top priority for our team.

Respect all Caria Community members

The Caria Community is diverse and welcoming of all identities. That means we absolutely don’t allow or tolerate hate speech toward any individual or group of individuals. We want every member—regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, citizenship, or religious beliefs—to feel at home here. The same goes for people with all kinds of illnesses, conditions, and/or disabilities. There is absolutely no discrimination of any kind allowed in this community. Please be mindful of this each and every time you engage on the Caria App. 

Rude or abusive behavior

We value respect on Caria and encourage all users to approach users with no judgment especially when disagreeing with one another. We can all have different opinions! If you’re ever concerned or worried about something someone has said, we urge that you report them immediately and our team will get right on it.

We’re asking all Caria users to respect this, and keep things friendly. You won’t always agree with what you read, but respecting each other helps having great conversations. Any comment that we deem to be rude, disrespectful, or abusive will not pass our moderation process. 

What we don’t accept: 

  • Harassment: Simply put, we will not tolerate it. Harassment includes but is not limited to:
    • Negative comments based on race, sex, sexuality, gender, nationality, neurotypicality, political affiliation, physical appearance, home life or history, disability — and remember that it’s not up to the speaker to dispute what is or isn’t offensive
    • Patronizing, micro-aggressive, or other belittling comments
    • Threats of violence, physical or virtual, or talking about violence in excessive detail
    • Unwelcome sexual actions, insinuations, attentions, or remarks
    • Attempts at intimidation
    • Asking others for personally identifying information
    • Encouraging a member to participate in destructive behavior
    • This also pertains to harassment of Caria Team and Experts 
  • Disruption: Continued digressions, disruptions, and derailing of someone’s conversation when asked not to. This is up to moderators’ interpretation.
  • Publishing your personal information: Please refrain from posting your personal information in the community.

Know that the Caria team plays an active role in facilitating the Caria Community

Caria’s team reviews all user-generated content (posts and comments) before they are posted on Caria. We can also remove content or members from the app at our discretion, because it’s our job to make sure that the Caria Community is a welcoming place for all. 

Lean into the community’s hopeful, positive environment 

We know that dealing with health issues can be hard. The purpose of Caria Community is to create a safe space where you can support each other. Share your experiences honestly, but keep in mind positivity has been shown to improve health outcomes.

Submitting topic suggestions 

Any member can submit a discussion topic suggestion by emailing [email protected] with your name (or nickname), location, and 2-3 sentences about what you’d like to discuss with the community. We appreciate hearing from all Caria members, but sending in a suggestion does not guarantee its selection for posting. Selection of topics is up to the Caria Team’s discretion. We may select your suggestion to be posted at any time after we have received it, or we may not post it at all. 

What to discuss and post  

When sending suggestions, please keep in mind that topics are meant to be discussions about sharing experiences, tips, and support around menopause, midlife, and general health and wellness. Therefore, please refrain from submitting off-topic suggestions. Also, please do not send questions that pertain to your own medical information as the Caria Team and Community cannot provide medical advice. You should discuss these topics with your healthcare provider. More on this below. 

Share your experiences and listen to the experiences of others, but remember that it’s not medical advice

Users of the Caria App are not qualified to give you medical advice, even if they happen to be a health professional. We often have content contributed by Caria Experts who are vetted for their certifications, knowledge, and experience to provide general information and education related to menopause and midlife health. However, no content on the Caria app and community should be considered medical advice. You should always consult a health practitioner who is familiar with your specific symptoms, diagnosis, and situation. Any comment deemed to be giving personalized medical advice will not pass our moderation process. 

Promoting, advertising, buying, and selling

Please do not post ads or promotions for your own or any company, product, project, person, or organization, etc. You are welcome to share your genuine personal experiences by naming products or projects that you use and support. However, any posts deemed to be promotional will not pass our moderation process. Our system automatically hides any links included in comments posted by non-admin members as a measure to prevent advertising and promotions.

No spam

We don’t allow spam of any kind and actively monitor comments to prevent spam. We also hide or remove links posted by Caria users in comments to protect the safety & security of our Community members. Only Caria admin members are allowed to post safe external links. 


Caria is not a job board, or a recruitment agency. Also, in some areas that we operate, multi-level marketing is against the law. Recruiting as part of an incentive sales program will be removed and may lead to your account being deactivated. 

In particular, we will strictly take down: (1) Any content promoting or recruiting for multi-level marketing schemes (MLM); (2) Content asking for services (for instance childcare); (3) Surveys on behalf of third parties (this does not include Caria Community Polls).


Caria is a place to share advice, find support, and support others — not gain status, attention, or “followers”. We don’t allow the promotion of your social media accounts or the accounts of others (including Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Groups, or Youtube channel) or the accounts of others.


We believe in the benefits of community (online and in real life), but please always make sure that events are freely accessible before sharing. Any and every event mentioned on Caria should be free for all members in the community to participate (a 5K run in your city, for example).


We understand some members on Caria may be in difficult positions or that there are some great causes to donate to but we’re currently unable to verify them. This includes any posts or comments about raising money for an individual or cause in any and every situation.

Seeking relationship or arrangement

Members join Caria in search of a safe place to connect with others and engage in interesting discussions about health and wellness. We’re not a dating platform so do not allow posts that are seeking dates or arrangements.

Explicit or too inappropriate posts

Sex is an important topic and we welcome those conversations. However, we reserve the right to remove overly graphic descriptions. Images, of any kind, are not allowed. We may also remove content we decide to be inappropriate for our platform.

Updating Caria Guidelines

Caria reserves the right to modify, update, or amend these Community Guidelines at any time and for any reason. We will strive to notify the community of the changes and to explain our rationale for the changes, as appropriate, but do not guarantee flawless communication in every instance.