Changing body odor?

Since I have been in menopause, it’s like someone stuffed my armpits with onions and in the lower region (vagina area) are weird smells that I never encountered before. I was so scared that I went to my OBGYN to check if there was anything going on and he said that hormone changes can cause things to smell differently. Since being in menopause, I have to take at least 3 showers a day, because I’m so worried that I smell. The deodorant I use wears off and my armpits are drenched in sweat? Can anyone recommend a good deodorant or any other hygiene products?

– Robin, Colorado

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Hey Robin

I was in the same boat. I felt like I was smellier than a teenage boy and my armpits were continuing flood of sweat and smells.. I was horrified!

In the uk there is a deodorant called Mitchum and it has turned my life around. I am no longer stinking and the sweating has reduced to a normal amount unfortunately they don’t do a version for downstairs otherwise I’d be using that too. But if you can get Mitchum roll on deodorant then give it a bash it really has been the only thing to work for me. Good luck.

I second the Mitchum suggestion. I use the stick deodorant, and it’s the only thing I’ve found that will work all day. It’s also great on the inner thighs as an anti-chafe balm, with the double-bonus of masking groinal whiffage.

(As an aside, I am so relieved to know it’s not just me, so thank you all so much for opening up about this so I don’t feel like the only stinky freak! <3)

“Groinal whiffage” – made me laugh 😂

‘Groinal whiffage….. brilliant 🤣

Thank you Lorna and Coco,

I really feels good to be apart of a community of women who get it and don’t make you feel awkward about menopause issues. I’m gonna try the Mitchum and see how that goes. I appreciate both of you ladies. It’s like I’ve been bathing in onions and waking up smelling like that because of the night sweats is annoying too. I’ll keep you both posted. Thanks again

Yes I have found the Mitchum roll on to be the only effective way with that stronger smells. During my regular cycle there was always a slight change to my body odour and breath (almost more musky), and with menopause the body odour is stronger as is the smell with the mid cycle discharge. A friend swears by the rock crystal deodorant (sorry I can’t remember the brand). You are not alone 🥴

I use the Crystal brand. It’s a natural deodorant. I use the roll on. I went to it about two years ago. It took time to detox through it but now, if I use anything else, THEN I do stink. I believe it’s called Crystal. I have roll ons, sprays and stick types. I find the roll on works best for me and I use the sprays as a body spray. They have several scents now, and unscented. I have the rock one but haven’t used it in a long time. You have to add water to it every time you use it. It is what I started with until they developed all these others.
Wishing you the best. It really is not fun. ♥️

UK brand is Salt of the Earth. Amazing…give it a go!

I am totally with you on this. I keep worrying that I’ve got bacterial vaginosis. I have to wash lots more and am using several panty liners a day so I can freshen up and get rid of the smell for a while. Thank you for raising this – I was worried it was just me.

I have to admit, I thought I was alone in this smelly problem as well. I too go through several pantry liners, vaginal wipes and deodorant vaginal spray a day. They used to make deodorant pantry liners but I can’t seem to find them anymore. I’ve never douched before but now I’m doing it twice a week. It’s so much work and so much money and I don’t see any good side of this curse us women are blessed with. I mean when you have something hard you have to go through, there’s usually a reward in the end. When you’re pregnant, it’s hard work but you get this beautiful baby in the end. What comes after menopause? Diaper? Well I sure hope they make deodorant diaper. Lol! I love this app! There’s like a bunch of mini me’s here. Thank you all for sharing.

Hi Lisa
I use the Femfresh soothing wash, cranberry and probiotics, absolute lifesaver! (It’s the pink and white bottle)
Combined with a swig of Actimel..seems to have eliminated the problem.

Hi Robin

I have to admit being the same. My armpits nearly always smell at the end of the day and sometimes even after showering I’m convinced I can still smell stale sweat. That’s perhaps my imagination but it upsets me. As for the lower region I remember when I first noticed the smell it reminded me of the small toilet we had at home when I lived with my grandmother. If I followed shortly after she’d been in the smell was the same. This comforted me a bit when I realised she would’ve been about my age then and that obviously this was a menopause symptom but it can still be embarrassing.

So glad you were brave enough to share this as it’s one of many things us women are not keen to talk about. I remember being terrified during my first pregnancy when I was starting iron tablets I’d been prescribed. No one told me they can turn your stools black. It was something I vowed to tell friends if I knew they’d been prescribed iron. After all we need to be there for each other. Thanks again

Well, Robin, I’m in your stinky boat with you. I have an added bit of interest in that I am also allergic to most deodorant on the market. I’m using Lumé currently, because I can add more if I feel the need, AND it’s safe for privates. It’s a little on the pricey side, but a little goes a long way.

I have also found that eating cruciferous veggies adds to my stink… so eating those items less helps. Also, I have made sure to eat lots of fruits, pineapple being one, that adds to a sweeter scent. I find I still reapply deodorant, but far less than if I don’t consume fruits daily.

I’m also open to other ideas! Let’s help each other not be stinky onions.

Hi Heather,

I thank you that I’m not the only member of the Stinky Onion Armpit Society. 😂Whatever I can do for us to not be stinky onions, I will do also. I will keep you posted on anything that I find for us.

Well crap. Cruciferous veg is a staple in bodybuilder meal plan & I eat about 6 cups a day 😖

As well as unique new smells, Does anyone else get itchy, like you’ve got hives, particularly in hairy areas – armpits, groin, places where you sweat? And generally all over the body! I have to take anti- histamines with more regularity now a days!

I get a really really bad itchy scalp at the base/back of my head! It’s only this one bit and it’s been like it for about a year! Drives me mad at times! Usually if a nighttime.

Ask your Doctor for something to treat this – I have had this for years and is connected to my Dermititus. The liquid they give me works brilliantly. When I was in the Uk I used Betnovate and it has betamethasone 0.1%

Hi Eve, Me too! just at the base of my scalp. I also get the skin crawls…feels like there are bugs on me half the time, its very annoying to say the least. Well, misery loves company as they say, I was beginning to think i had some sort of mite or tiny bug problem, but it seems many women my age have this itchy skin crawl.,

My holistic doc relates that to candida. When I cleaned up my diet, the groin itching stopped. Mine was in the crook of my leg. Not in my girly bits.

Hi Pam at Age 52 I also have red rash at base on my scalp,,, cleaned up the surgar, but notice with night shade veggies High lectins foods such as potatoes, tomatoes, onions, causes me to itch,,red rash has been with me for years,, avoiding those foods helps with itching symptoms😇

Yes!!! I am soooo itchy! I carry Benadryl with me EVERY WHERE 😢

Same here, no suggestions but you are not alone.

I love Native deodorant. I have always sweated through any deodorant I used. I does not have aluminum, so it took me 2 -weeks to acclimate to it (switching from aluminum to non-aluminum takes a little time). I always stunk by the end of the day. After the transition to Native, I NEVER stink (& I swear a lot).

I’ve also seen Lume for “down there” deodorant, but I’ve never used it.

Hi Ali, I use Native, I wished they had kept their original formula though, they recently added ‘perfum’ to it and it has a funny smell now, i have only used the coconut and vanilla one, and used to smell lovely before. I sweat a lot in hot days anyway and though Native natural deodorants don’t stop you sweating I don’t smell bad even after a full workout! Contrary to the aluminium based commercial deodorants that makes me stinky after sweating!

Can confirm, Lume for “down there” is a godsend. I’m training for a marathon and I use it for nethers. It’s a minor miracle. After a 2 hour run I still smell sweaty, but normal/clean sweaty. Not bog-creature sweaty.

Hi Robin, I also use nuud deodorant, it’s completely natural and although I still sweat, it seems to neutralise any smell as long as I wash regularly. Mitchum is better, but I worry about the Aluminium in most deodorant and so prefer to work with this instead.
I also cut up cotton handkerchief’s and fold longways to go under my breasts, inside my bras. It catches sweat and stops the area there becoming red and sore x

OMD!! Thanks Robin for starting this topic, l thought the 🧅 smell was because of the spices l use in my meals. I have been scrubbing my arms so much when l have a both/ shower, surprised my armpits isn’t sore or bleeding 🤣 l have started using natural organic deodorant by FitPit works for me during the day. However after reading some of the comments below l am going up purchase Mitchum for my punani 😊

Hey all,

I too have noticed my armpits have more odor now then before menopause. But, here’s what really bothers me. My urine smell. OMG, sometimes, I’m like, “what the hell is that????”
It not only smells like ammonia but lingers in the bathroom if not flushed right away.

To top that off, for the first time since childhood, I had a incontinent night. I woke up soaked. I was completely mortified but worse was I ended up having to wash my sheets and blankets twice as the urine smell was so pungent it didn’t go away after the first wash.

Anyone out there having a strong urine smell?
Any suggestions on how to reduce it? I drink almost 64 ounces of water a day.

I’ve noticed more pungent urine too but don’t have any suggestions I’m afraid. I drink plenty of fluids too. Any advice from the community welcome.

I’m another honking woman. I was chatting with a friend a couple of days ago and she’s the same. Its a horrible stale sweat smell from the armpits and groin and the smell from my pee is horrendous. I stopped using chemical deodorants and have been using Tisserand which smell lovely but unfortunately not strong enough to disguise the horrible whiff that is brought on from walking the dog! I’ll try the crystal thing. One thing I can heartily recommend is a bidet. I insisted on one when we moved house and it’s seriously the best thing I ever did. Great for foot washing too! So comforted by the fact that its not just me that stinks.

I’m with you on this, it also seems to have a more amber color too, along with my onion armpits and honestly ladies I will use Summer Eve spray it comes in a can just to kinda offset the musty smell down their especially if I have to go somewhere. And it works, they also have wipes that you can keep in your purse.

Well, well, well. How great is this conversation. Thank you for raising this. I’m well into menopause and found this symptom came and went. So take heart – it will change. I also agree with the idea of using Mitchum to ease things.
At the moment I’m dealing with raging hot flashes. Cooler weather seems to be stalling them at the moment or may be this too has passed.
Take heart sisters.

No I have not but I use peppermint soap so my ph balance stays great. And it’s strange u said armpits cause since menopause I don’t have to use deodorant anymore. Change your diet may be the answer

I use Salt of the Earth, a natural deodorant stick of salt crystals from a local health shop here in the UK. I have checked and you can buy it online. It doesn’t smell of anything in itself but it seems to neutralise any underarm smell and far more effective than the chemical stuff sold everywhere.

Although my daughter has commented that there is a smell about me and it’s worrying because I cannot smell it on myself but I there definitely a sweetish smell in the air in my room in the morning.

I agree the minerals based natural deodorants seem to work best and also no perfume so don’t interfere/disrupt.

I also shifted to salt of the earth crystal about 12 months ago and I love it. It’s my go to deodorant and I have no intention of switching back to a regular deodorant any time soon.

Hi R’gal,
Sweet smelling breath or body odour can indicate potential health problems. My advice would be to consult a doctor, even a telephone consult would be beneficial if it isn’t possible to do in person.
Good luck!

Hi Robin, I’m Rachael. I also suffer with excessive sweating and often wash and change halfway through the day.
I wake early, and my nighty is wet around my chest and neck area.
I often feel paranoid and smell myself regularly, also change pads/underwear if damp.
I wash with wipes after toileting as it helps to make me feel fresher. 😊

Try Native products – it smells amazing. I suffered all my life with extreme excessive sweating and had perscription deodorants which just burnt my armpits. I would also have to change & wash 3 or more times a day!
Native deodorant has changed my life! You can only by it online and it is pricey but absolutely 100% worth it. I don’t sweat at all now and still smell amazing to the end of the day. All natural ingredients too.
Please try and honestly you will be converted I promise.

Thanks for raising this I have literally just been googling and researching into the different vaginal smells. I too have had thoughts it might be something like an infection and have had swans taken . I hate the fact that I can smell myself it makes me very conscious.

Yes I’ve noticed this too. My mum used Mitchum and as we all eventually become our mums, guess I’ll be buying some too!

Coal tar soap

Tried Live Clean NO aluminum brand, and it gave me bad eczema -itchy patches and I still stunk! Then I tried Toms all natural deodorant and I still smelled like onions- very badly!! Eeeewwww! Now I’m trying Secret’s new NO aluminum brand and it’s not helping either in fact I think it makes me smell THE worst! I’m going to try the crystal type that some of you’ve talked about. Luckily I have a teenage daughter to whom I can pass all my used deo-trials onto! Just wipe off Mamma’s stench with a tissue and it’s good to go!! I wish I could go back to anti-perspirants, but they ( aluminum) are linked to Alzheimer’s….not happening! I’ll chime back in if the crystal works !!!! Smell ya’all later !!

As for the Vijayjay yuckies scent… I use the feminine wet wipes after every visit to the toilet. And I find drinking lots of water dilutes the smell of urine and therefor the transfer to yourself! I hope the Golden Years will have more to offer than a pre-occupation of body odour management…

I’ve always had bad smelling pits and I found rock crystal to help with that, but then it stopped working when my pit smell changed to cilantro. I use lume now to help with the smell but I noticed a new onion smell. So now I smell even more like a Mexican restaurant! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who is dealing with this. I hope this will eventually go away or lessen.

Do you use Antiperspirant & Deodorant. The label must say it has both or it doesn’t work well.

Totally agreed with some of the comments here. I read someone recently that menopause and peri menopausal women sometimes experience body odor due to hormonal changes and almost didn’t believe until recently my armpit, chest and breast exhibit funky odor by mid day and I find myself taking showers 2-3 daily sometimes even sitting in the bath tub, I found adding epsom salt to be helpful

I bought Dr Bronner peppermint Castile soap. In a hot flash, it cools you down. I am on the hunt for the best natural deodorant to cover this body odour and it just may be time to go back to aluminum.

I use coconut oil

Dr. Bronners is so harsh on the skin. That stuff strips every bit of moisture And natural oils out of me. I cannot pat dry fast enough in order to use my most moisturizing body butter. I use that maybe once a month as my skin cannot take it on a daily basis or I’d look like a crumpled piece of paper.

I had the same issue with sweat and strong smell in the privates. I used a lot of panty liners which helped a lot. The smell has calmed down since my period finally stopped two years ago. It would be great if the hot flashes go away.

I am so relieved to know I am not alone in the self-conscious smelly department. I also use pantyliners and change often to feel fresh. My armpits seem manageable , my issue is all the sweating in the groin area, it drives me crazy and I usually wake up drenched from the waist down. I find it hard to be compassionate with myself because of all the unpleasantness my body is doing and how it smells. My diet, exercise and weight is ok it is just all the vaginal discharge and sweat that makes me uncomfortable. I am 59 and have a Mirena coil and use estrogen gel nightly.

Great to see so many comments & to know that I’m/ we’re not alone in this! Weirdly I noticed that just my left armpit smelt musty when I woke up in the morning,& I think it’s because I lay in my left side so any perspiration gets ‘trapped’? Not a sweaty smell though, just weird! I’m vegan so opt for using vegan products ( obviously!) & I’m currently using a natural cream deodorant, scented with rose geranium & patchouli. While it isn’t an anti perspirant I don’t think I sweat any more with this than I did when using an anti perspirant. I’m in UK. It’s made by a small company called blush berry botanicals, it has natural ingredients, including Shea butter, calamine powder etc & is in recyclable packaging.

I hadn’t thought about the urine smell!!! I’ve been noticing that too!! Becoming obsessed now, frantically cleaning the loo etc!

What a blessing this app is!!! I love how open and honest we can be 🙌 I stopped having periods about 5 years ago (aged 46) And went through so many changes in peri and about 2yrs after including the smells and soaking, stinky armpits! Have faith lovelies, it will pass but whilst going through it is crappy (as well as dealing with all the other symptoms) we really are warriors!!! Due to Breast Cancer in the family I had to be careful with what I was putting on my armpits, I stayed away from the brands that were strong, contained aluminium and stopped you perspiring (your breast tissue goes into your pit area) any toxins and sweat need to come out not in and that’s hard especially if at work and your tops are soaked and smelly!!! I used the crystal deodorant and the body shop aloe Vera brand as all the others seem to create a really weird stink 😂 I can now (after a few years of no periods) wear shirts again! Have faith!
With regards to the stinky nether regions, that was a shock!! I tried lots of things but quickly realised, the more soaps etc I used the quicker it would come back and more I needed due to change in ph balance. I now make sure I go to the toilet as often as possible (Too many UTI’s) and always carry a water bottle in my bag so I can fill with warm water in sinks and rinse down after every pee (even at work) this has really helped in all areas!! I try not to use any smelly stuff and noticed it was worse with non natural clothes detergent and conditioner, the more smelly the detergent and conditioner the more my body kicked out a pong (almost in protest but think it affected the natural ph) so now use either Ecover or Method- so much better!!! Tea and coffee with dairy milk also made my wee smell! I guess it’s like gut health (all part of the same system) my body was telling me to look after it with more natural maintenance. Big love you warriors and have hope and know this too shall pass 🙌 xx

Vagina smell was weird for sometime then it has just gone
Back to normal smell now, had no issues with armpits

Biork Crystal Deodorant Stick has been amazingly effective during my menopause, in fact it’s the most effective I’ve used in my life

I was thinking the same thing glad I’m not the only one

You are so not alone in this! I take a shower morning and night. I carry these deodorant wipes which I believe I purchased at Ulta. It has basically become my lunchtime routine to use these wipes to the freshen my armpits and leave a deodorant behind. I also change my deodorant, not using the same one everyday. I don’t know why it works but I don’t smell like onions. As for the “lower regions”, the smell doesn’t seem as strong with the increase of water I drink. Richer foods (which I love) and drinking alcohol seems to make the vaginal smell stronger.

Try Native products – it smells amazing. I suffered all my life with extreme excessive sweating and had perscription deodorants which just burnt my armpits. I would also have to change & wash 3 or more times a day!
Native deodorant has changed my life! You can only by it online and it is pricey but absolutely 100% worth it. I don’t sweat at all now and still smell amazing to the end of the day. All natural ingredients too.
Please try and honestly you will be converted I promise.

I use Mitchum powder scent

What deodorant are you using ? I use Mitchum stick as it’s meant to last 48hrs but doesn’t last that long.
I think with this heat we are sweating hell of alot more as I smell of onions too 😂and never experienced this until recently.
Give Mitchum a try if you haven’t do so already.

I’m in the UK and we have Mitchum Ultimate Gel here and it works well for me.
Also applying glycolic acid (yep the stuff for your face) on your underarms works wonders against body odour. I use the one by The Ordinary as it’s strong stuff but really reasonably priced. I apply it with just my palms and wait for it to dry before applying deodorant.

I used to be really sweaty and no matter what I used including the aluminium based industrial antiperspirant deodorant, I would still be a bit smelly by the end of the day.
I’ve been using Nuud for about a year now. A tiny tube lasts for months, I only need to use it twice a week, it even worked in Australia! It’s vegan, environmentally friendly, all natural, zinc and Antibacterial silver. Even the packaging is made of sugar and is recyclable.
On another note, very odd, the other area used to smell of butter when I was peri menopausal. Very odd, not horrible, just odd.

I’ve had a problem with lots of deodorants not working for a few years and tried quite a few different options.
In the last couple of years I have found using a cream deodorant called feel fresh from Tropic has been fab. It is organic has a citrus fragrance that lasts all day and night.

I felt I no longer smelt fresh anymore, I changed my shower gel to La Roche posay shower gel, I used that for nearly a week and it did help, I then went back to my normal shower gel. When I got a flair up again of the smelly arms pits week later I went back to La Roche again and repeated the process, now things are back to normal.

What a great way to start my day ladies😀😆for the downstairs smells and a grumbling Vjj anyone who has worried it’s BV or has cystitus sensations I suggest a Vaginal moisturiser. I’m using YesYes and it keeps the zone nice and quiet and fresh. Didn’t even think I was dry there but the symptom relief proves otherwise. Only use it every three days.

Similar issue with really stinky armpits. Find it a bit upsetting at the moment and glad (but not so glad) I live alone so it doesn’t affect anyone else. I found that even after washing, the scent was just sitting on my flannels and was awful. I had a brainwave and remembered I had some Organic apple cider vinegar (the mother) In my cupboard. Dabbed some on some cotton wool pads (with a bit of water) and wiped my pits. Instant killing of all bacteria! Removed the odour and the ‘darkness’ of my pits from a build up I had. I don’t use as a deodorant as try to go without at home to allow my pits to breathe but has helped. When I do use deodorant I have started using Pitt Balm from which is natural. I’m still waiting for it to work a bit better while the toxins come out my body.

Yes, armpit smells are awful! Has anyone else experienced burning from using soap to clean vagina? I can’t use anything but water now or it irritates me. Organic gentle cleansers no longer work either! I believe in using soap to cleanse my body parts (especially genitals and buttocks) and this is difficult to do without getting soap on other areas. Not sure what to do. Help!

Great to hear I’m not alone ladies! Though isn’t it a shame that we have to go through this AND that no one talks about this. Still feels a taboo subject. I’m 46 now and been struggling with weird symptoms for a few years. One of which is my sense of smell went off key last year. And after toilet visits, “those” smells are completely different. My GP just said it was odd and that was that! They just don’t know what to advise / what to do. For those struggling with suspected Bacteria Vaginosis, I think I went through that a few years ago and thankfully discovered FemFresh. This immediately sorted it out – think it addresses the PH balance. Keep strong ladies. We’re in this together 💪

Mitchum is the best and is my go to. I don’t use anything else. Available in Coles.

I was just about to suck it up and put this question out to y’all! I can’t tell you how relieved I am to know I am not imagining the “groinal whiffage”!
Thanks everyone for being totally blunt!

I questioned the body odour smells with my GP, she wasn’t interested. So glad I have found this community as I would have thought I was going crazy.

Does anyone have phantom smells like cigarette smoke and they don’t even smoke ? Just wondered if this is related to the crazy times being a woman ?

If citric acid doesn’t bother you, try lemons for body odor. I use the juice from fresh lemons as a deodorant. I just squeeze the juice on my hand and apply it to my armpits, the fold of my inner thigh and the top part of the pubic area. It works better than any deodorant I’ve ever used and it’s 100% natural. The lemon juice you buy in the store like “Real Lemon” works as well if you can’t always have a fresh lemon but it contains preservatives. I would do a 24 hour patch test on the inner arm before using it as a deodorant to see if your skin has a reaction.

Thanks, I felt alone and stinky! Now at least not alone, so many changes. At times so overwhelming, I don’t recognise myself at times.

Omg. What a relief! I’ve started noticing some strange aroma’s down below on some days, especially if I wear leggings so I need to keep loose clothing on. It’s a new symptom and I thought I was going mad, which is generally how peri menopause makes me feel anyway. I sweat a lot between my legs at night – awful. if anyone has any tips for odour below I’d love to hear them